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David has been hosting the English Pub Quiz at Molly Malone’s since 2008. The idea is to propose a fun event in which people work in teams to answer a variety of questions in English on familiar topics.

The quiz takes place at Molly Malone’s Irish Pub in central Strasbourg. It consists of three main rounds, totalling 50 questions to be answered in writing on the quiz sheet provided. In round one, pictures are displayed on the TV screens and contestants have to identify them. Then, in round two, 30 questions are read aloud in English; these are divided into six topics, e.g. news, sport, food/drink, science, mathematics, geography, Strasbourg…. In round three, ten musical extracts of 30 seconds each are played and contestants have to identify the artists and the song titles.

The two teams with the highest numbers of correct answers usually win prizes, which can include free drinks, baseball caps, T-shirts, key rings, drinks glasses….

The quiz usually takes places on the first and third Thursdays of each month, except during the summer. It starts at 9pm and generally continues until 10:30pm.

No registration or membership is required. Participation is free, you just pay for food and drink you order.

For further information about Molly Malone’s, visit http://www.pubmollystrasbourg.fr/