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Language Cafés are held in Strasbourg and Kehl. They bring together people from all walks of life to engage in stimulating conversation. The advantage is that the groups are small, enabling free and natural conversation accompanied by native speakers. You only pay for any food and/or drink that you order. No reservation or membership is necessary.

The Language Café at the FEC has taken place since 2009. Find us in the student bar called the EuroStudentCafé, which is located on the left after you enter the FEC through the large wooden gate. Although this is a student facility, the meeting is open to everyone and enables different generations, backgrounds and professions to come together and share their knowledge and experience. There is also a restaurant onsite.

The primary aim of these meetings is to practise your language skills, so if you want to polish up your English, French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian… or any other language for free and in informal and relaxed surroundings, this is the place to be. No conversation topics are prescribed, the conversation develops freely and spontaneously from the interests and desires of the participants. As participants do not reserve, it is not possible to guarantee that a particular language will be spoken on a particular evening; if you are looking for speakers of a particular language, then send David a message and he’ll see what he can do.

By the way, the meeting starts at 7.30pm and ends at 9pm, but you can come and go at any time. The meeting is normally (but not always) scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month from September-June.

Last but not least, native speakers are key to the success of the meetings, so do come and help others speak your language too!

Look forward to seeing you there!