Which countries have the best English speakers?

A worldwide survey of adults who speak English as a foreign language reveals the cities, regions and countries that perform the best – and the worst.

It’s probably not a surprise to learn that Scandinavian countries figured among those at the top of the latest EF English Proficiency Index of November 2014. The survey was conducted by examining English test results from adults in 63 countries; the latter are assigned to one of five broad categories from very high proficiency to very low proficiency.

Denmark topped the list while Germany was placed 10th, France 29th. Some countries are further divided into cities and regions. In Germany, Frankfurt has the most proficient English speakers; in France, Alsace and Ile-de-France are the areas with the best scores.

EF also conduct a survey of proficiency in companies, the first (and only) dating back to 2012. Let’s see if it’s updated anytime soon.

Consult the survey here: http://www.ef.com/epi/