What’s the best way to learn English? (ESOL)

Face to face, blended learning, videoconferencing, telephone, self-study, e-learning, mp3s, films, individual, group, intensive, occasional, language study abroad….

The choices for learners of English as a second or other language are mind-boggling. So what’s the best way to learn? Well, the best way is the one that works for you (and your budget!). My approach is to start with speaking, a lot of speaking, even if the communication is difficult at first, it will come with practice. Then, once you have built up confidence in speaking, the other skills (listening, reading, writing) should fall into place.

To really improve your English, you have to go out there and meet people, not just take formal lessons. The lessons will give you the basis and the opportunity to learn within the safe training room environment, but what really will boost your speaking is managing the unpredictability of everyday exchanges. It’s also really important not to be afraid of making mistakes. Making mistakes when we speak is perfectly natural; feeling blocked or inhibited by grammatical constraints weakens your confidence and hampers communication, so just go for it!

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