Which websites do you recommend (3)?

Recently I was looking for free web resources that might help with different word forms. For example, you want to know all the word forms/families that stem from “organise”, as well as definitions and examples of usage. I wasn’t looking for a traditional dictionary, but something more innovative.

After some searching, I stumbled across some mindmap websites, many of which required a subscription, but then I found this one:


(click to enlarge)

I think it’s really clever and was what I was looking for. You input a word at the top of the screen and you see a mindmap of words connected to it. On the left, you have a legend explaining the colour coding in the diagram. Hover your cursor over any of the words and its definition appears. Then double-click on one of the words and it spawns a connected mindmap. You can even print it.

So how is this useful for training?

Well, for learners who enjoy visual stimuli, this could prove more effective than paper dictionaries. For me, it’s also great fun!